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What are the valuable faucet brands in the US market in 2019?

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Author : Yuhuan Kang'erda Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.
Update time : 2020-01-23 09:40:00
What are the valuable faucet brands in the US market in 2019?

StarCraft, the US decoration website, published the most valuable faucet brand (non-commercial) in the U.S. The website screened 250 faucet brands, including luxury faucets and mid-range faucets in other countries except Asia, noting that although there are several well-known and valuable luxury faucet manufacturers in Asia, none of them are sold in the United States or Canada. Some of the faucet brands we know have different positions in the U.S. market, such as Toto is listed as the middle price faucet brand.
North American luxury faucet brand
01 ●Brizo
The design team is led by Judd Lord, design director of delta. Brizo's Chinese suppliers include Hai'ou and Luda. The surface vacuum plating technology of the brand product is considered to be valuable.
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Founded in 1981, faucets are mainly sold through offline stores in Canada and parts of the United States. The company's two tap cartridges' supplier is German FlühsDirehtechnik, and the single tap is supplied by Hungarian manufacturer kerox and German CeramTec GmbH.
02 ●Watermark
In the United States, the faucet brands that can keep pace with Kohler which mainly in product design and surface treatment.
The website believes that Kohler is a high-end brand in North America, with the advantage of high cost performance.
The company only produces kitchens and custom faucets. It can make retro faucets that have disappeared in Europe in small quantities. The design is creative but expensive.
American middle price faucet brand
01 ●Delta
Masco's brand, mainly produced in the United States and China.
02 ●MOEN
Mainly produced in the United States.
03 ●California
Main sales assembly faucet, medium price.
These brands are our goal of Kang'erda Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd..

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