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Kang'erda Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. Joined Expo CIHAC Fair successfully held in Mexico

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Update time : 2019-11-14 15:18:00


Yuhuan kang'erda sanitary ware co., ltd., brass kitchen faucet

In October 15th to October 19th of the Expo CIHAC Fair in Mexic city.

During this exhibition oversea market director Mr. Johnathan Dung and our sales team has more than 50sets of products(bathroom fixtures,filtered water faucet,shower valve,black kitchen faucets,faucet aerator and stainless steel taps) to be shown, and our special products are different surface, many new and old client came to the exhibition one of our client gave us a order on the first day.this shows the high quality and serve attitude of Kang'erda Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.. In the future Kang'erda will do the best to satisfy and open new/fashion products for our clients.
Yuhuan kang'erda sanitary ware co., ltd., black kitchen mixer tap

Black kitchen mixer tap

Brushed gold kitchen faucet

Brushed steel kitchen faucet